Infantis Sanum Foundation is a non-profit organization , established in the state of Florida , USA , on February 12 , 2003 , recognized as "Tax Exempt" under code 501 (c) (3) by the IRS , whose objective is get financial resources to families of sick children , so that they can receive medical assistance inside and outside the United States .

In 2002 , William Garcia Olano had contact with parents who suffered economic anguish due to the illnesses suffered by their children and the impossibility of obtaining the economic resources for them to be cared for , especially when it came to cases that required travel to the States . Together , the Infantis Sanum Foundation emerged as an attitude of gratitude to life for having two (2) healthy daughters .

Our mission
is to restore
the hope of recovery
to a sick child 

We believe that the action that an institution like Infantis Sanum performs, deserves our admiration and respect

Ennio Cufino
Deputy Representative for Colombia
and Venezuela 
August 23 , 2003 

Some Success Stories

Francisco had no ears .
Now hey . 2006 

Michael had
a neurovascular problem in his brain and was operated .  2011

Didier participated in a study in England to discover the origin of his illness and find a cure . 2013 .